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Alan Brown: Music

One Day You May Stop and Smile

(Alan Brown)
March 23, 2017
Words & Music Alan Brown
I can't say I loved you such a long time
Never knowing what to do or even what to say
But if I loved you at the wrong time
Forgive me if you can, that was just my way

You say I loved you for no reason
After all, what could it be that made us get along?
But my love grew with every season
And in my eyes, at least, you could do no wrong

And with your innocence to guide you
Far from this valley to wherever you may be
I will not always be beside you
But the love we shared will ever stay with me

I didn't love you such a long time
But one day you may stop and smile and think of far away
And one who loved you at the wrong time
Who loved you then and loves you still today