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Alan Brown: Music


(Alan Brown)
(In a part of Scotland steeped in legend, one tells of a sanctuary or safe haven around Tegarmuchd – where I now live)

Some roads take you far from home
Not leading where they seem
Putting miles between you
And a half-forgotten dream
Some roads promise happiness
Just around the bend
Some are ever-winding
Never finding rainbow’s end
And some roads lead to shelter
And the true love of a friend

Many feet have walked this land
And journeyed on this road
Since the time the men of God
Knelt down to rest their load
When the word was whispered
Through the battle all around
In this place a sanctuary
A haven could be found
For some roads lead to shelter
And the peace of holy ground

No matter though we travel far
From days when all is young
Though the future holds no rainbows
And all our songs are sung
May there be a place to go
When all around is night
Somewhere warm amid the storm
A refuge from the fight
For some roads lead to shelter
And an ever-welcome light