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Alan Brown: Music


(Alan Brown)
Like a prophet returning to his country from a fact-finding mission overseas
I bring honour in my case and a smile upon my face, ‘cause at last I’m seeing wood instead of trees
Like a sailor returning to his harbour after one too many mornings all at sea
Seeking compass nor a chart, I can find the way by heart on this last voyage of discovery

‘Cause too many hearts have been broken, too many good times gone
Too many angels have fallen from the sky, now it’s time to draw the line and move along

Faith, Hope and Charity were sisters in the happy days long before the fall
Now they’ve almost passed away, getting weaker by the day and they might not recognise you if you call

Nation shall speak peace unto nation was the song we all sang when I was young
And nothing I have seen in the years that came between will stop me singing in my native tongue