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Alan Brown: Music


(Alan Brown)
(The stone garlands of the drystane dyker signified the clearance of whole families from many parts of Scotland. The seamstress is Nature herself. I won the Scottish Folk Directory's Songwriter contest for the first time with this song)

The wheelin gulls ahint the ploo had soucht far richer feedin
The gowden fields a wilderness we aince had thocht an Eden
Noo the dyker ruled the land, nae livin for a plooman
Wi drystane sentries standin owre a harvest-tide o’ woo, man

The seamstress couldna mend her weys, her tender hairt in pieces
We laid her in a pauper’s grave wi thirty siller fleeces
We let the children hae the change for they had a the learnin
An a the tears a wumman greets can’t help a hame that’s burnin

But noo the circle’s come aroon, the dyker’s warld is crumblin
The sheep nae langer rule the land, the drystane men are tumblin
O tae see the fields aince mair wi yella dancers heavin
An the seamstress at her wark wi gowden thread a weavin