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Alan Brown: Music


(Alan Brown)
(This song was inspired by a BBC Scotland TV programme about a young Romanian asylum seeker in Scotland. Her primary school teacher had taught her some Burns poems, and the programme followed her progress as she entered - and won - a verse speaking competition. It’s a song for the multicultural Scotland in which I now live)

Oh the time will come when we’ll all take hands together, just like Auld Lang Syne in a circle of friends
But we won’t look back through a mist of hills and heather, we will sing the song that never ends

Cause you look like me, though your skin’s a different colour
And you talk like me, though I don’t understand
And you are like me, you’re my sister, you’re my brother
And our song will echo through the land

A refugee in Glasgow learns a ploughman’s rhyme, across the world we sing an Auld Year chorus
But we’ve been down that road of auld acquaintance for so long, there’s other roads waiting there before us