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Alan Brown: Music


(Alan Brown)
(Celebrates the Kenmore to Aberfeldy Raft Race which attracted thousands of spectators in the 1970’s. It isn’t known if the Beach Boys were amongst them)

Once there was a forest, trees grew to the sky, but that forest’s gone now and here’s the reason why
Someone had a brainwave - in Kenmore they just laughed: “A race to Aberfeldy, downstream on a raft?”

Borrow, steal or buy wood, balsa, teak or plywood, long as it floats it’s okay
Hammer it or nail it, carry it or sail it, just be sure you’re there on the day
Sailors from the Islands, sailors from the Highlands, sailors from the dry land way
A hundred rafts and then more setting out from Kenmore heading down the River Tay

We’re going rafting, we’re going soon, we’re going rafting in the month of June
You don’t have to worry, you don’t have to fret, there ain’t nobody ever been drowned yet
All you have to do is get yourself a crew, we’ll see you all there on the day

The raft is going well, son, Francis Drake or Nelson ain’t got nothing on me
Think you’re going to make it then the rapids take it - come on down from that tree!
Wish I’d stayed in bed, is that the bridge ahead? Are they all laughing at me?
A man in my position, a public exhibition, I want to be buried at sea