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Alan Brown: Music


(Alan Brown)
(Robert Louis Stevenson, a mere “writer of boys’ stories”? No … there was much more than that …)

Robert Louis Stevenson
Man of letters, lad o’ pairts, celebrated Scot
On a highland holiday
To take the waters, breathe the air
And maybe find a plot
Though the cottage was cold and it rained every day
The author of Kidnapped was writing away

‘Cause you don’t need a boat to be a sailor
You don’t need your wings to fly above
Close your eyes and let yourself imagine
You can be unhappy and write about love

Robert Louis Stevenson
Pirate king and Jacobite, and Royalist as well
In his South Seas paradise
Casts his mind back down the days
And wonders what to tell
For what’s he remembered when all’s said and done?
A one-legged pirate and a boy on the run?

Robert Louis Stevenson
Sings a song of lads long gone
And lands not seen again
Walks among his Pentland Hills
Hears the whaups and feels the wind
And reaches for his pen
The streets of the Old Town, the ladies of Leith
Cast off the mask, see the real man beneath